2nd 1/2 of show is Black screen with audio

Now I remember why I reverted back to a year old MCEBuddy a while back. On the newer versions some channels, like HGTV, convert…but the 2nd half of the M4V file is just BLACK video with perfect audio.

Didn’t find anything like it in for other forum posts. Hoping someone knows what the issue is. Most channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX are just fine.

In the video file, the video stopped at 13:10

Attached is the LOG, zipped to compress.House Hunters S159E08 20180914 [20180915-0200].mpg-Convert to M4V-2018-09-14T21-35-42.0618048-05-00.zip (106.2 KB)

Your video file is corrupted:

2018-09-14T21:47:48 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> [NULL @ 000000000275ae20] missing picture in access unit

and you have hardware encoding enabled, so your graphics driver is unable to process it:

2018-09-14T21:48:04 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> [h264_qsv @ 00000000026fece0] Error during QSV decoding.: incompatible video parameters (-14)

Your options are:

  1. Fix video file
  2. Update Intel graphics driver (see the Hardware FAQ page)
  3. Turn off hardware encoding in your conversion settings

Turning of Hardware encoding seems to have fixed the issue thank you

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