2.4.8beta had to downgrade handbrakeCLI

Just wanted to drop a note and let y’all know that I have been unable to get QSV HW encoding to successfully complete on 2.4.8 beta. I checked and there was an update to my Intel Display driver but that didn’t have any positive effect. I noticed the HW encoding failed sometime mid-way thru the media files with an error like this: Error code -17, hb_qsv_wait_on_sync 602 so it is showing my PC is enabled for QuickSync but I am unable to complete a conversion. MCEbuddy would then revert back to software/CPU encoding and successfully complete. I notice the HandbrakeCLI version was 20170728192513-45a24df-master (2017080101) per the logs so I backed that up and downloaded the latest stable version HandbrakeCLI for Windows 1.0.7 (2017040900)…and now HW encoding is working again and successfully completing.
I read the other topic in this forum about 2.4.7 not working and a suggestion to try the 2.4.8 beta due to these kinds of issues but the beta had an opposite result for me so I wanted to let you know. I have not attempted a nightly version of HandbrakeCLI yet.
I’m running W10 with an i7-4770k (Intel HD 4600) now with driver version I can provide a couple logs if anyone wants to review. I have about 5 conversions that fell back to CPU encoding before changing Handbrake and about 5 that successfully completed HW encoding after rolling back HandbrakeCLI.

It would be very helpful if you can upload the original source video to the MCEBuddy server so we can analyze it.

Unfortunately I have MCEBuddy set to delete after conversion. Media files were captured with HDHomerun Prime and it wasn’t any particular recording, they all were bombing with the new HandbrakeCLI. Could have also been something flaky with my PC that didn’t like the new CLI.

Keep an eye for a bit. Maybe the same channel, see if you can grab a recording.

I’m going to turn off deleting the files. It is failing quite a bit still and rolling back to CPU encoding. I’ll try and grab one for you to review (that fails).

I have a failed recording, but it’s 5gb. How do I upload so you can see it? And I’d assume you would want the log file that goes with it? I did notice it’s not a particular channel…and I’m seeing failures anywhere from 9% of the way in all the way thru 90%.

See the ReadMe before posting thread for instructions on how to upload videos.

Ping once it’s done, you can find the instructions here:

I cannot connect with WinSCP nor with Windows Explorer…getting directory listing error or permission errors trying to access the main folder. I can connect with a web browser and get a directory listing but that doesn’t let me upload anything…

Use a FTP client like FileZilla. Step by step instructions can be found in the above post including the link to download FileZilla

Finally got a chance to upload. Been doing some researching and seeing other posts on the internet where QSV doesn’t work all the time (or at all) with my CPU (4770k). And I can honestly say I’m not sure how often I fell back to CPU before upgrading to 2.4.8. I tried to uninstall the device for the Intel 4600 as well as removing the driver so I can attempt to put one of the older drivers that is recommended in the FAQ, but W10 just reinstalls the new driver upon reboot…and though it will let me try and install the older driver I notice nothing really changes so it appears I’m stuck on the newest Intel driver.

I read on the handbrake site of others with the same issue as me, and one guy said he rolled back to handbrake 0.10.5 and that seems to work for his 4770k so I’m trying that next (EDIT–cancel that. 0.10.5 CLI does not have the command “–enable–qsv-decoding”). I do have a Nvidia 1080 video card, thinking it might be worth it to figure out how to enable processing with that…never done anything with CUDA.

Anyway, thanks for your help. If the files I uploaded help in anyway let me know. It’s about 50/50 whether I can complete a QSV encode.

Side note try turning off automatic updates for drivers in windows (or all updates and manual select your updates).