What is mcebuddy viewer

I’m having a hard time understanding what mcebuddyviewer is. No directions other than a line that says it allows media center to control mcebuddy. Whatever that means. Not sure either where to install it. Does it do something with the option in mcebuddy to integrate converted shows into WMC?



Just like you have a windows desktop client (the GUI)

for the MCEBuddy engine to check the state of the engine and configure it etc, similarly it’s a WMC client to view the state of MCEBuddy from within MCE so you don’t have to exit to the desktop. If you live on WMC it’s a nice way to see what’s going on with MCEBuddy without leaving the WMC environment.

I can only find cryptic explanations so here is the answer. After you have downloaded MceBuddyViewerSetup.zip and run MceBuddyViewerSetup.msi, it will add the viewer in WMC in the “Extras” library (above Pictures + Videos) in the opening screen. You will find the viewer there which is a simplified GUI of MCEBuddy.