Video Rendering Speed in Custom Cuts

I see a similar topic from Jul 2019 but that topic seems to be more about the video type than my issue.
I’m wondering if there is any way to tweak custom cuts to maybe control the video card it’s using?

I have 3 computers that I used custom cuts on. I mostly use the PC that I record the video on, but occasionally I need it to be recording again and I don’t want to waste the resources so I move the file to 1 of the other 2 pcs and try to do the cuts there.
My problem is the video rendering is decent on the first computer, but on the 2nd or 3rd it’s pretty crappy and takes me forever to attempt to define my cuts.

What puzzles me though, the computer it works ok on is an i7 NUC (basically a mobile platform) that is using it’s integrated Intel Iris graphics. It’s a 5th gen i7

PC 2 and 3 are desktop boards, with AMD Radeon R9 200 graphics cards. One is actually an older 3rd gen i7, but the other is an 8th gen i7.
On both of these, when I move with the arrows keys (usually the 30sec, 5sec and 100ms) it can take anywhere from 10-20 seconds in most cases for the video to catch up. So when I’m trying to rapidly skip through it gets even further behind and when I stop the clicks I often need to wait a good minute and even then I"m not sure if the video is done jumping.
So wondering if there is a way to control what video is being used, since both machines do also have onboard video, just not being used.

I’ll guess no, that it’s Media Player, but other than a different video card I cannot figure out why the performance is so bad on better hardware.

Do you have clipboard sync unchecked? If not, uncheck it.

It is my understanding that custom cuts uses WMP. So I would assume that whatever you can do it make the source files play well in it should help you in custom cuts. But honestly, no clue.

It’s generally unchecked. I rarely turn it on, but notice no difference with it on or off.

As @SystemIdleProcess mentioned it uses WMP plugin for rendering and playing videos. So if it’s behaving differently then the codecs (and their windows configuration which may or may not use your video drivers) is what you would need to look into to and possible replace the codes or uninstall custom codecs if installed to use the windows built in codecs.