Universal MetaCorrectionEntries Table?

Is there a way to have one ‘universal’ [MetaCorrectionEntries] shared between Conversion Tasks?

I have several Metadata Correction tables with over 50 entries/corrections each.

I try and keep them in sync by adding them for each Task independently, but inevitably, over time, they diverge and change and I don’t notice until series/episodes go to the incorrect folder or have the wrong episode titles, etc.

Tonight I am using Notepad+++ to combine and edit these separate Metadata Correction entries and then pasting them back into each Task – making sure to update the MetaCorrectionCount=xx as I go.

But I was wondering, is there a way to have a universal MetaCorrectionEntries table that could apply to all Tasks?

I did look in the forum for a solution or mention of the above need/request but I didn’t see any.

So, is this possible?

Would it also be possible to somehow sort the entries alphabetically to help maintain and manage the entries?

UPDATE I just noticed that merging in Notepad+++ is not a good option - obviously, each correction has it’s own line number - haha!