Videos going away after converting

I am converting shows and noticed that the latest episode of a soap opera wasn’t matching with what should have been showing up. The logs show everything converted but do not see them in the folder or with the right name anyway. Can someone look at the logs and see if there is something I’m missing? Looks like the files are put in the folder but aren’t there. Like the attached. The last episodes I have in the destination folder are from episode 208 so unless it’s renaming them different than what I’m seeing in the logs. So in this case, searching all my hard drives for a file called S57E211 - Episode 211.wmv or the 210 or 209 versions come up with nothing.[

S57E211 - Episode 211.log|attachment](upload://q2dhHeVpkRyam4zpdj4kn7ZWupI.log) (809.0 KB)



EDIT: I almost think they got labeled with the wrong episode number after the conversion but the logs don’t seem to show that or I didn’t see it.