TV Show Premiere year from TheTVDB is incorrect

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2.5.7 64bit

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Win 10 Prod 64bit

Summary of the problem or suggestion:
Some TV shows aren’t getting the correct premiereyear.

For Rick and Morty there is from the conversion log:
2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Checking for metadata title and ID correction
2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Checking for metadata type correction
INFORMATION> 2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Downloading Series details
2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Overwrite title from internet → Default
INFORMATION> 2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Recording Type Show
INFORMATION> 2022-09-09T09:42:07 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData → Checking TheTVDB
→ Looking for Premiere Year information in text
→ Looking for Premiere Year information in text
→ Looking for Premiere Year information in text
→ Looking for Episode name match on TVDB using language en
→ Looking for Premiere Year information in text
→ Found series match on TVDB by Episode Name. Updated video tags →
Title: Rick and Morty
SubTitle: Solaricks
Description: Last season’s finale was a doozy, broh. What do we do now, broh?
Network: Adult Swim
Network Affiliate:
Parental Rating:
Media Credits:
Genres: Adventure,Animation,Comedy,Science Fiction
Season: 6
Episode: 1
Banner: C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\cache\Rick and Morty.jpg
Banner URL:
IMDB Id: tt2861424
MovieDB Id:
TVDB Id: 275274
Is Movie: False
Is Sports: False
OriginalBroadcastDateTime: 2022-09-04T00:00:00
RecordedDateTime: 0001-01-01T00:00:00
SeriesPremiereDate: 2006-12-03T00:00:00
CopyProtected: False
SageTV FileID:
SageTV MediaFileID:

Here is from TheTVDB site:

I’m guessing that it is parsing all the air days of all episodes including specials that may have aired prior to the official series premiere. I found this episode in specials that matches the date in the log.

I’m not sure if this is due to api differences that MCEBuddy uses versus what’s available from TheTVDB now.

Steps to replicate the bug:
Process a file with the name Rick and Morty - S06E01 - Solaricks.mp4

Thanks for reporting this, yes there appears to be a discrepancy between in the data reported across different sources. Have put in a patch to try and take the more reliable source when available.

Fixed in today 2.5.8 BETA build

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Worked perfectly with latest build. Thank you