TS support?

I recently switched to Plex and it uses .ts trying to open them with Custom Cuts doesn’t work. Has anyone had any luck with these types of files?

Yes, custom cuts worked for me with .ts files, as I remember.
But it has been a few months, since I did anything with custom cuts. I think it may have given me issues at first.
If all else fails get handbrake.fr (Google it 1st one that pops up)and convert it to the format you want and then do the custom cutting using mcebuddy.

That’s what I did, but it’s a bit of a pain.

This may not apply to you at all but the WinTV stick can be set to not give a .TS file. The only two that I know are supported by Plex for recording are HDHR and the Hauppauge stick and HDHR uses .mp4

Sorry HDHR uses MPG

No, I’m using a silicondusts duo, so I get strictly .ts. There is an upgrade work around for SD users, but it costs more than I’m willing to put out in the forseeable future. The SD Extends is suppose to transcode in real time to .mp4 or .mkv, but they want around $250 for it.

Let me first say that I am no expert. I have a Connect Duo. I stopped using MCEBuddy 2.3 Release 13 a long time ago but I used it with the Connect Duo. It has been a long time since I have looked at a log or remembered how I configured the system to work, but here is what I found

Right now I am converting Batman and it is treating it like an mpg2video according to the log and doing a fast Remux. This version will not do a fast remux on anything else in this version of MCEBuddy. The file type according to Windows is mpg. Are you saying that it reports mpg but it is actually in a ts wrapper.

The log states the input file was mpg and the output was mp4. Using the setting mpg to TS but the profile MP4 Fast. with the file name match equal to *.mpg or *.ts and it converted it to MP4 output file.

If I am missing something and you understand it better than I do then disregard and you don’t need to answer me.

I’m using Hauppauge Capture and output to TS all the time. I used custom cuts on these TS files daily. It does sometimes crash especially with longer video’s and if I jump the scroll bar around.
And btw, I mostly use is on TS files that have no cuts files already, but I do occasionally run the TS through comskip to pre-generate the EDL and then open in custom cuts to manipulate the cut locations

I don’t use this site much but if you are replying to my post regarding a person that can’t use a TS file, I was just saying the the Hauppauge stick and probably other of their devices allows you to change it to mpg in the settings area. His problem was with further processing of the TS file.

After re-reading what you posted I now think you are replying to the original post and saying he should be able to use the TS file with custom cuts.

I had good luck with MceBuddy processing both MP4 and MPG and I think TS files to remove commercials but found an easier and quicker way to accomplish that task.

I started using PlayOn which records from On Demand and has Commercial skip built-in for most videos and those that don’t it uses a player that skips forward 30 sec and back 10 to zero in after the commercial

Yeah I think it’s just how the forum flow goes. Possible I hit the wrong reply, but we should see here as this reply was purposefully set to you and I think it’ll look a bit different.