Ts --> mp4 goes from 2.2gb to 14.5gb

I haven’t changed my setup for a while, using ‘PM4 Fast’ profile … but the output files have ballooned.

Snips from the log …

2023-01-30T02:32:04 MCEBuddy.Transcode.ConvertWithHandbrake → Source video file, file size [KB] 2,274,163.00

2023-01-30T02:52:47 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob → Finished end of conversion custom command, file size [KB] 14,509,428.00

If I run it through handbrake, the file comes back to under a Gb. I’ve attached the log. I have also trawled through the log but I am unsure what I am looking for.

Can someone help?

I expect this will end up being my mistake because I have mis-used or overlooked a setting (or two).

NCIS (2003) - S12E16 - Blast From the Past.ts-Conv TV Shows-2023-01-30T02-30-57.log (1.6 MB)

I see that you’re using QuickSync h264 hardware encoding. That means the graphics driver / hardware is doing the work and the fps looks extremely high to me (400+) which makes me suspect the output content. It sounds like your graphics driver may have been updated the recently by your OS.

Try turning off hardware encoding from the conversion task → advanced settings page and if that fixes your issue then it’s your graphics driver that is the culprit. If that’s the case consider reverting your graphics driver to an older version.

Thanks. I just turned off the hardware encoding. Rerunning a conversion. I will also check the log to see if I can see the FPS value. (Edit: I can. I can also see ‘fps: same as source’ … and the source was 60.)

That said, my current GPU is a 7?0 (ie tiny) and I am in the process if water cooling a 3090 TI FE (ie big) … I will want to use that for hardware encoding so I expect I will need to research reducing the FPS.

I swapped my 710 GPU out and put in my 3090 TI FE version. I am now trying to set up a handbrake profile that uses GPU / hardware acceleration. Still reading and testing how to do that.

I also got a ‘Thanks for spending time with us’ PM as the admin saw that I was reading the forum about profiles. I am not sure if that is spooky or nice. I will go with nice for now - thanks for noticing :slight_smile: