Title with 8 digit IMDB fails metadata extraction

I posted a log which is an example of a renaming issue that I seem to run into sometimes and cannot figure out. I’m following the example MOVIE_IMDBID. and in my case the video file is Two Turtle Doves_tt10493490.ts but it’s not renaming anything. If I read the log correctly I don’t see where it’s pulling out the imdbid from the name. So trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong, or at least figure out a better/safer way to do this. I have my system set to copy converted movies automatically to my plex server every day, but I want to avoid copying ones with no metadata. If I catch it before the copy, I have a separate conversion rule that includes a forced IMDB Series ID in the Internet Lookup Title and Metadata Correction but it’s somewhat annoying to get to this screen for a single use conversion.
Alternatively, is there anyway via say the CLI where you can force a name? I tried to manually use powershell to determine if names still end in tt######## but unfortunately I cannot make powershell do the metadata renaming.

Log File - Two Turtle Doves_tt10493490.ts-TVMoviesConversion-2019-11-10T23-32-08.0408316-05-00

No log attached.

It was uploaded to the FTP site

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Thanks for reporting this, found the issue (MCEBuddy was limiting the number of digits to 7, tt now supports 7 and 8 digits).

Fixed in today’s 2.5.2 beta build.