TIP: Monitor Location Filetypes - exclude log files

I noticed the HDHR DVR produces its daily logfiles in the same root directory it records shows in. So when MCEB monitors that directory for recorded shows, it tries to match them against the media extensions.

So I added “~*.log;” at the front of my monitor locations Search Patterns.

Might make it go faster since the HDHR drops a daily log file, so after a year of recording, there’s 365 log files and growing to skip through every time MCEB scans the directory. Wish there were a better way (like SD would put their log files in a logs subdirectory).

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Found this in another thread, since v2.4.9 (June 2018):
Monitoring can match on the path, not just the filename.


I think that works better than excluding log files. Will see if any extra files are produced by the HDHR DVR, but I don’t think so.

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