How to create search pattern where only specific characters in file name are converted

Good morning everyone,
So I have built a new HDHomeRun + MCEBuddy system and am happy with the results so far. The problem I am now facing is that MCEBuddy wants to reconvert shows already converted. I imported the logs but is still insists. So I searched and found some info on creating a RegEx: expression to only select shows with [2018 in the titles. Seems that when HDHomeRun records a show all are stamped at the end with [20180303-1800].mpg to signify the date and time of the recording. My challenge is to get MCEBuddy to only select those shows that end with [2018 in the name. So far I tried regex:/^[[2018]$/.mpeg but that has not worked. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Is there a way to do this or am I going down a deep dark rabbit hole?

You don’t need Regex to do what you want to do (it will make it more complicated to do). Instead, use the file mask in conversion tasks. When I still had Windows Media Center, I had two conversion tasks: Remove Commercials, and Do not remove commercials. The only difference between these two was if comskip was run. To do this, I put the following into the file mask:

*;*~, KQE*;*~, KCRB*;*~, KRC*;*~, ST*Z*;*~, HB*;*~, *MAX*;*~, SH*;*~, EHD*;*~, ENC*;*~, RET*;*~, IND*;

The above means that it will operate on any file except those that contain KQE, KCRB, etc in the file name.

For your scenario, you could change it so that it only looks for files that are:

Good luck! Will.

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Thank you Will for the information and suggestion. It worked like a charm… Thanks Aleks