Synology compiled mcebuddy

New here but used MceBuddy back in WMC days.

Could mcebudy be crosscompiled for Synology NAS devices ?

If so, I am the first of many customers who would be glad to pay for this! I use DVBlink on my Synology NAS to record DVB-T and play it back with Kodi. Works perfectly except there is no solution on the market to scan *.ts files and remove/mark ads so they can be skipped,

I have tried Comskip on the NAS and it scans/marks a file but its not possible to do a folder scan.

My device is a Synology NAS 1813+ (Cedarview) the extensions are *.spk

Would love to see mcebuddy on the Syno’s

I too would pay (I already have but pay again) for mcebuddy to work with synology.

I use buddy to convert mkv and avi to mp4 - that’s all

My NAS stores all my media so just makes my setup more efficient if buddy is on my NAS

I have 1815+ and 1817+

It could be put in Docker is that is an easier path!

Why not just map the Synology NAS to a windows drive and have MCEBuddy process the files remotely and put them back there?

main reason… my Synology NAS is on 24/7 and it records all my TV. I like most people I presume use my iPad and iPhone 90% of the time so we can go for weeks without turning on the PC :wink:

That’s what I am doing and that is the reason I want it on my NAS.

I imagine dragging a file from the NAS then converting it on the PC then sending back to the NAS would not be as efficient as it all happening on the NAS !!??

Especially files bigger than say a Gig