Streamfab - not detecting show type

I have been using MCEBuddy with PlayOn for awhile and everything has worked properly so this is not an issue with MCEBuddy. Recently I started using another software called StreamFab and MCEBuddy does not differentiate the tasks between Movies and Shows. I figure StreamFab is not properly tagging the files but was wondering if there is a workaround? Everything dumps into one folder but I have existings conversion tasks to move the files to the appropriate place tv, movies, sports etc but since MCEBuddy doesn’t know the show type it all dumps into tv.

How does SteamFab save the metadata, as a separate file or does it embed it into the video itself? Do you have any sample you can upload to our server?

It’s embedded, do you want the full mp4?

@Goose i sent you a dm with my logs