Sorting without renaming and converting

I was hoping there was a way to sort my series recordings into season folders without renaming or re-converting my recordings.

I use NPVR and my recordings are SHOWNAME.SxxEyy.SUBTITLE.ext.
i.e. CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.ts (now *.mp4)

For awhile now I’ve been using MCEBuddy to convert the NPVR recordings to MP4’s without renaming them as NPVR has done a good job naming as I like.

Now I find myself with folders having 100 or more recordings plus their images & NFO files.

What, if any, would be a good recipe Conversion Task to accomplish this?

If this could be done, I would then need to do a custom command call from MCEBuddy to update the NPVR database of the new location. The NPVR program NScriptHelper does this

NScriptHelper -Rename srcFileName tgtFileName

So the command would be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe -Rename G:\_TVdir\Crime Drama\CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.mp4 G:\_TVdir\Crime Drama\CSI\Season 01\CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.mp4" to update NPVR of the new location of file CSI.S01E01.Best Of Times.mp4. I would need to know what the MCEBUDDY before (scrFileName) and post (tgtFileName) to pass to the code and someway of triggering it after MCEBuddy sorts the files.

I’m going to run a test using this guide, specifically #4

You can select the option for Rename without converting in the Conversion Task -> Advanced Settings. This will essentially just use MCEBuddy to rename all files using it’s metadata engine (including downloading missing data, turn it off in Expert Settings if you don’t want that) without converting the files.

I think that’s what you’re looking for.

PostCustomCommand will still be executed after the renaming is complete.

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Ok, I have the custom command gist of it down.

I’m able to use RBoy’s help to move files into season folders. Thank you!

Now I’m stuck on getting the custom command to write the rename to the NPVR database to prevent NPVR from re-recording and my old recordings show up in NPVR .

I’ve tried it several times and different ways but it fails.The PostCustomCommand errors out and I know it’s because of quotes ".

If ran in a CMD window, the command would be, with MCEBuddy’s parameters:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe -Rename %sourcefile% %convertedfile%

I think the MCEBuddy rules is this:

PostCustomCommandPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe
PostCustomCommandParameters=-Rename %convertedfile% %sourcefile%

However, the NPVR command has to be ran in double quotes. The command that actually has to be ran is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe" -Rename "%sourcefile%" "%convertedfile%"

I am having trouble separating the command path and parameter and still keeping the entire finished command in double quotes.

I read where MCEBuddy has to have double quotes doubled. ““something”” ““Something””.

I’m just lost.

I’m not posting all my attempts of placing double quotes and double double quotes, that would be a long post, but any help will be appreciated.

On a good note, I did a wishlist request just the other day at NextPVR and NextPVR came out with a new release today and implemented the Season folder option. Now I just have to migrate my library over and write the database so nothing gets re-recorded and my recordings are in NPVR which is where the NScriptHelper.exe -Rename comes in.

Try this

PostCustomCommandPath="C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe"
PostCustomCommandParameters=-Rename "%convertedfile%" "%sourcefile%"
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That worked. I had to shut down NPVR to keep it’s polling process from deleting the show from the recording history while using MCEBuddy to batch move the files to the season folders.

To clairify for future readers of this thread.

NPVR started allowing the option to record tv show episodes and put them in season folders and I wanted to move my previously recorded episodes to season folders and keep them in the NPVR database, which removes episodes when they are no longer where NPVR recorded them.

From the time MCEBuddy move them and then tried to update the NPVR database, NPVR already deleted the episodes from it’s database. Shutting down the NPVR service allowed MCEBuddy to move them and write to the new location to the database. When the NPVR service was restarted the shows was where the database thought they should be.

NPScriptHelper is a commandline program that helps you move recordings and update the database too.