Sometimes automatically removes PlayOn intros... Sometimes doesn't... Can it always?

I tried the trial version on a few shows I got from PlayOn and was so impressed I purchased the software the same day. I used it on the whole folder of that show (40 episodes). On that show, it removed the intro and outro with the default settings. It seemed to recognize them as an intro (Like “Skip Intro” on Netflix). Then I tried it on the next series I wanted to clean up. Well, not as good. It does remove them on a lot of them but, not all. Is there a way to get it to automatically notice them and remove them? I’ve read some other posts that are close to this and everyone is asked for logs so, I will include them at the end. Also, I don’t care about ad removal so much but, I liked how it trimmed off all the way up to the end of the credits and trimmed all the ending credits (on the first series I tried it on). That is why I don’t want to do a manual few seconds on the beginning and end.
The first log is where it allowed the intro to get through.
The second log is where it removed everything I wanted it to.
I am going to have to post logs as replies because it says I have too many characters.
Edit: I am going to have upload logs because it STILL says I have too many characters.

s01e01 Meet the Babies.mp4-PlayOn MP4 High Quality-2021-04-27T17-41-12.log (1.1 MB)

s01e02 Down on the Farm.mp4-PlayOn MP4 High Quality-2021-04-27T17-50-22.log (1.1 MB)