ShowAnalyzer License

When I installed mcebuddy2x it also installed ShowAnalyzer (SA). Since I was having some issues getting Comskip to be accurate, yesterday I decided to try SA. Today I noticed that the title bar in the ShowAnalyzer GUI says “Trial with 29 left of the 30 day trial period”. So I went to see what it would take to register SA and discovered that the web site has been shut down, apparently for YEARS. So there is no way to get a license.

So this leaves me with several questions. What happens in 29 days? Does SA completely stop working? Does just the GUI stop working? If just the GUI then how do I update settings, especially the Logo definitions which don’t seem to be part of the profiles? Is there some other way to get a license?

I believe it continues to work but displays a message that the license has expired. Folks who had the purchased the license and can register it to get the message to disappear.

You can google search forums where other folks have similar experiences where it continues to work fine after it expires and the reasons as to why the company may have decided to allow it.