Set recorded date?

I’ve noticed in Windows MCE taking a MP4 and making it a WTV with reading in the appropriate metadata from the TV databases seems to set the recording time to when the file was encoded. Is there any way to set the recording time in the file to match the original show date in the file? Otherwise get this:

And can’t tell which file comes first. Maybe I need to manage these thru Emby but trying to contain them thru MCE since all my other TV shows are already there.



MCEBuddy takes the metadata from the source and copies it over the destination file. It sounds like your MP4 file may have a DATE_RECORDED or DATE_ENCODED tag which is read by MCEBuddy and then copied over to the WTV file.
Check your logs for details on the tags present in your original file and also what’s being set in the WTV file, you’ll find both at the end of the logs.