Remote Client "Add" Feature Doesn't Make Sense As-is

So I’m running the remote client remotely. When I click on the “Add” button the file dialog opens for my local workstation file system, not the media center file system where the recorded files are. Am I misunderstanding something or does this actually not make sense?

You’re correct, the remote client “add” isn’t designed to add local files from remote computer, it’s only designed to work as a status check, stop/starting the engine, changing the engine settings and getting the events/conversion history details.

i.e everything else expect add local files. It can be used to add remote share files as the URL would be accessible by the mcebuddy engine on the host machine.

So it’s a feature, not a bug? :slight_smile: That’s an old joke. :smiley:

Neither, it just the design. It wasn’t designed to add local files from a remote computer. We could disable the button all together on the remote client as one option but then it would prevent you from adding a network share file. Good point through, will see how to indicate this or alter the button behavior. I’m going to keep this open for now.

Duplicate and fixed here: