Printing the History File

I like to PRINT a portion (or all of it sometimes) of the History file. Until recently, I have been copying it to the clipboard, and dropping it in an Excel 2010 spreadsheet. Once there, I could parse the cells, sort it the way I wanted, add or remove columns & rows and print it out the way I like it done. But it has stopped working. I can no longer get the clipboard data to properly import & format into Excel. I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. It used to be so simple.

Does anyone have a method for this that is currently working? Or another way to retrieve and work with the History Data? I am currently on v2.4.7 about to go to v2.4.8.

Appreciate it very much,

What’s the issue with copy pasting it into excel? Are just trying to print the History page or do more stuff with the data?

Hi Goose! Thanks for helping. As I said in my post, “… I could parse the cells, sort it the way I wanted, add or remove columns & rows and print it out the way I like it done.”. When it was working right, I literally just “Pasted” it into Excel and Excel would match the data column for column, row for row. NOW, when I try to paste it in, it just dumps everything into 2 or 3 columns, starting with column “D”. It used to be so clean, now it is a mess and impossible to work with the data. I especially like to PARSE the data in the cells. I don’t need to see “\Server3\Videos\Duped\Recorded TV\MP4” in front of every recording 3000 times, you know? So I either parse it or split the cells up into smaller cells using Excel’s “Text to Columns” feature and just print what I want to see. I would only print the entire History if i wanted a complete updated Catalog of all my recordings. Otherwise, I might just print the last 2 weeks or so. Excel also gives you the ability to run multi-level sorts, like maybe Title/Season/Episode etc.

So are you able to make it work then?

I just tired it with Excel 2010 and it’s working fine

  • Open history window
  • Selected all the entries, Ctrl + C
  • Open excel 2010 and Crtl + V and it automatically populates the respective columns.

Hi Goose, sorry for the delay. I was away all day yesterday with no PC access.

That is EXACTLY how I have always done it! But for some unknown reason, it’s just not formatting correctly anymore.

I will try it one more time - this time with a NEW sheet - instead of populating erased data in my old sheet. Maybe that has something to do with it. I was just trying to avoid having to re-do all my formatting and the parsing formulas.

I’ll let you know how it goes,