History File to DB


Version 2.5.7 64-bit

Windows 10 x64

It would be nice if there was an option to store the history information in a sqlite db or something of the sorts. My history file gets fairly large, and in turn after about 6 months or so, MCEBuddy stops picking up files during scan, and I have to manually add them or as of recently I have a powershell script that adds them via the CLI.

Once I clear the history file, the scan completes in the matter of seconds, and in turn if I haven’t cleared out some of the adhoc folders, it will add them to the conversion tasks. I feel that it is due to the amount of records in the history file.

If the option to record to a DB is present I feel the search will be faster, and in the event of corruption, or recreation, the previous records could possibly be re-added from a backup.

Just clear the history periodically. Is there a reason you need to know MCEBuddy processed a file instead of something else? If the file is a duplicate (i.e. already there), MCEbuddy won’t process the file. Not being in the history doesn’t matter.

Or am I missing something?

The history is used within a monitoring location to not re-process a file already converted unless the “Re-monitor recorded videos” option is on.

There are times when I need to reprocess a file so I check this option. If you are in the same situation @Nick_Skoy then you can try and check this option to see if it picks up the new files. It seems like it should bypass parsing the history.

Sorry on the delayed response. Was out of town this weekend, and busy yesterday.

I have a HDHomeRun Prime, and am using NextPVR. Not to out of whack from what I gather. I have some shows setup to record “ALL Episodes” and others to record “Only New Episodes”. So I believe the problem is with shows that are in the “ALL Episodes” category. I’ll just use “Friends” as an example. It’s on multiple channels, and when I record I don’t care if the show gets recorded multiple times. Or from what I gather it will only record the same episode if on a different channel.

I’ve watched it when I re-add the episodes to MCEBuddy via command line, or drag and drop. It picks up the data, recognizes that it previously converted the file based on the history, and then deletes the file, and moves on to the next item in the queue. So it does the housekeeping as well. When my history file has gotten large or corrupt (even though I can still read the file fine, and don’t notice any visible corruption). The search doesn’t find the recorded shows, and in turn MCEBuddy is idle. Those files then build up, and there have been times where there are 100+ shows/movies that need to be converted, but they don’t. I add the files to MCEBuddy via command line, or manually drag and dropping, and over the course of time, it’ll add them to the queue, process them – whether converting or detecting it already converted, and deletes the source file from the recording folder.

I hope that kinda/makes sense/helps out…