All of a sudden, having some issues

Have had my system up and running for over a year, working fantastic. Using WMC and PLEX to record from a hdhomerun Prime and a Dual. Just noticed that some conversions are not taking place. Wondering if someone can look at the log and let me know if they see anything.mcebuddy.log (1.5 MB)

Looks like your History file is corrupted:

Line 1: setting assignment expected.

Can you attach your history file to analyze


where’s the file?

FYI, deleted the history file and it started working again.


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Right but if you have a copy of it please attach it so we can analyze it and see how to handle a corrupt file in future

Thought I attached it. Let me try again.history.txt (2.3 MB)

Thanks, yes this is totally corrupted, I can’t even open it with Notepad.