Converts already converted videos over and over again

mcebuddy.log (3.7 MB)

Hello! I’m running version 2.3 and am having a problem where MCEbuddy continually converts videos in my monitored folders over and over again. I have a very basic setup, I don’t believe I changed any advanced settings at all.
Here’s 2 of the show titles that are being converted over and over again:

Alice S01E21 and Father Knows Best S01E10

I stopped MCEbuddy before it finished the second try on Father Knows Best. Any ideas what’s going on? Love the software but it’s frustrating to have it repeat itself over and over again.
Thanks for any help!

The logs are showing limited information but the likely cause is a corrupted history file. Try deleting it.
We can best support the latest version as there are over a 1000 new features and bug fixes since the free version.

Will do, thanks much. And I was considering getting the latest rev…might be a good time to do so!

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