Prevent dual episode screen endings in Comskip from being seen as a commercial

I’ve noticed the dual episode screen endings on some stations are being marked as commercials. Can anyone help me prevent this?

I have a test video at around 3 mb

I tried tweaking Comskip to fix this issue and found ShowAnalyzer does a great job with these on it’s own.

Does anyone here know anyway for ShowAnalyzer to leave my original XML in the folder after conversion instead of what it creates with the commercial skips.

Now it leaves:

<commercial start="42.487117" end="149.549400"/>
<commercial start="634.111483" end="724.852131"/>
<commercial start="1683.192850" end="1852.264075"/>

What I had in the XML created during recording:

<video xmlns="">
    <primaryTitle>The Jeffersons</primaryTitle>
    <abstract>George and Tom challenge each other to a marathon.</abstract>
    <copyright>ME TV</copyright>

Try changing the output setting of ShowAnalyzer, make it Never for everything except EDL:

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