Premium Access - Can't Access "Stable" Directory

First - I’m not on Facebook or Twitter and the email link doesn’t work.

I am a premium access user trying to the stable directory. I am able to login to the “/MCEBuddy/PREMIUM_ACCESS/” webpage with my credentials, but when I select Stable or Beta I get asked for my credentials over and over.

Is anyone else having that problem or have I perhaps misunderstood what premium access means.

Any insight is helpful.


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Does your username and password begin with “mb-”?

The site states that all users will need a new username and password starting with “mb-” to access new beta builds…


But to be clear - I can’t access STABLE nor BETA.

I am on 2.5.4 at the moment.

It appears that Premium Access no longer gives you access to new versions. I subscribed in Nov. 2020. Back then, the advertised terms were:

“The PREMIUM ACCESS PROGRAM gives you access to the unrestricted versions, remote clients, beta builds, early access to bug fixes, new features and support.”

2.6.1 is the latest unrestricted version. However, it is unavailable to download unless you subscribe again, this time for 3 years of upgrades and support.

I don’t think it is right to “change the deal” after purchase. If the MCEBuddy folks want to limit new purchasers to 3 years of support and upgrades, that is fine, as those are the terms at the time of purchase.

I wish the MCEBuddy folks would reconsider this.


I understand your frustration and this was not a decision we took lightly. We absolutely appreciate all the support our users have shown us but after over 10 years and many many releases we have had to adapt our model to continue providing support and developing apps. Releases 2.6.x and newer will be covered under a different support license and may evolve down the line as we continue to introduce new features and products. Take a minute to read the terms of service on our website. As a legacy license holder you have access to all of the legacy unrestricted releases (up to 2.5.7) and you can continue to install and use the legacy releases without any restrictions for as long as you like.

Check out the Announcements section release notes for updates on the licenses.

I’ve read the new license. The fact remains that when I and many other Premium Access license owners paid for and received a license, there was no “Legacy” tier for Premium Access license owners. There was plain old Premium Access with the terms I just cut and pasted above from this site. There was 1 unrestricted version then and we could upgrade if we wished at no additional cost.

I love the program and think you guys do a great job with it. I just think you’re handling this wrong.


I agree with everyone. I have many lifetime subs from many companies that no longer sell lifetime. Those subscriptions all still work. They didn’t turn them off or ask for more money! I also respectfully suggest that you drop the new terms for your grandfathered long standing paid loyal customers and as suggested keep it for the new users. I am keeping this email for future uses.


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Well, I’m not going to spend more $$$ on an incremental improvement.

Even if I were going to pay for lifetime usage + X months of upgrades, I would need an assurance there will be a definite number of upgrades that will, in fact, occur. I could subscribe only to discover that upgrades only happen on a basis greater than the subscription.

Oh well, I was just responding to the notice of upgrade crawl in the program. I didn’t have a need for any particular new feature.

Thank you everyone.

Unfortunately, this may be A solution, but it is not the CORRECT solution for many of your loyal and long term users. Everyone who values a consumer being treated fairly may come to the same conclusion. Hopefully someone can take all these unhappy customers comments, and find sufficient evidence of a legal and binding agreement, and make it mean something. Most vendor’s know that the best advertising is “word of mouth” by happy customers. Is it worth what you are doing to have your company known as one that changes terms or customer promises when it feels it will benefits them or one that sticks to it’s words?