Password Retrieval - Only send current valid Username/Password

I have been using MCEBuddy for more than a decade and every several months? I get an email with an updated username and password.

I accidentally deleted the new mb-xxx password email when I was deleting all the old, non-mb password emails.

I went to your website and had to retrieve my password using my email address and I got 18 individual emails – each containing old usernames/passwords.

That meant I had to manually go through each email to find the one username with the mf-xxx

Is there a way that password retrieval would only send you your most recent password?

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve created an internal ticket to see how we can optimize this.

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Thank you.

We’ve updated it to send only the active licenses to keep it simple. If you don’t have any active licenses it will send you a list of your expired licenses. Everything now happens in a single email with the expiration dates and detailed included for each license (active or expired respectively).

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I’m not going to test it, but I trust your!!
Since line you really put a lot of thought into this update.
Thank you