Override Archive/Delete settings within Conversion Task

I just upgraded from 2.4.6 to 2.4.8 on Win10 64-bit (although it hasn’t converted anything since the upgrade).

I’m not sure how many other people would want this, since technically it’s currently possible, just kind of cumbersome to do so. But I haven’t been able to get Comskip (latest paid version) to do a good enough job for my wife’s soap opera (GH). The final output is always between 30-34 minutes, once in a blue moon it’ll be right at the correct 36 or 37 minutes (funny that there’s 5 minutes more commercials for a program that’s geared towards women during the day). So I just have it set to convert from 1080 to 720 with no commercial removal (since she often gets behind, esp. where they’re 5 eps a week). Currently I just have a script that deletes the originals out of the archive folder, but it would be nice if you could override the global setting right within the Conversion Task.

The only other way that this could be done would be to exclude the GH folder from the monitored TV folder, then setup a new folder that points to just GH, with Delete Original enabled. I’ll probably end up doing that, but would be nice if there was a checkbox to override the global setting.

Deleting original files are always linked to Monitor tasks and not conversion tasks. This is because of the architecture of MCEBuddy. MCEBuddy does a 1 to many mapping.
i.e. One Monitor Task -> feeds Multiple Conversion tasks

Hence if conversion task A completes successfully but B fails, then the original file should NOT be deleted as it will only delete after all the linked conversion tasks succeed. Hence the delete original can only be linked to the monitor task and not conversion task.

However if you’re linked just one monitor task to one conversion manually then you can just check the delete original in the monitor task.

Ah, I didn’t even think of the possibility of having multiple conversion tasks tied to one source file. Yes, that would cause an issue if the original was deleted.

And yes, what you suggested about a 1-1 match is what I suggested. Guess I’ll do that then…until I can get ComSkip working more reliable.