Option to delete/archive original file missing

My version (2.4 Release 7) of MCE Buddy is missing the option to delete the original file. What’s the problem?

There are two types of delete original file:

  1. Manual dragged/dropped/added files - this is in the Settings page
  2. Monitor task added files - each monitor task has it’s own Delete original file option, this is in the Monitor Location -> Expert Settings page

Thanks for the quick reply. MCE Buddy can be a bit complicated. I still do not understand how to update my Comskip after I donated to them??? Can you offer any advice?

BG Eagle

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We’re definitely eager to hear first impressions, please provide specific feedback if possible with you’re trying to do and what you expected vs what you see. This will help us improve it.

For installing the donator version Comskip, have you seen this post?