Not getting Season 00

There are a couple special tv episodes I grabbed lately that look to be correctly pulling Season and Episode from tvdb, but when it’s season 0, episode 3 for example I’m getting
\Season\SE03 ShowName
And Plex doesn’t like it - it wants \Season 00\S00E03 ShowName

My renaming is: %showname% (%premiereyear%)\Season %Season%##\S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename%

and that works fine for everything other than season 0. Been using it for years.

Death in Paradise.S00E03.Christmas Special.mkv-FixTitleTV-2022-04-01T10-10-06.log (421.1 KB)

Never heard of a show having season 0, so MCEBuddy doesn’t know how to process it and ends up ignoring it:

Custom Renaming Command → %showname% (%premiereyear%)\Season %Season%##\S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename%
WARNING> → Cannot find Season No
WARNING> → Cannot find Season No

With the next build the custom renaming pattern will display season 0 instead is logging a warning. Canned renaming patterns however will continue to ignore a season 0/episode 0

I forgot that I encountered this issue also. I worked around it by using the following in my custom rename pattern:
%showname%%ifpremieredate%< (%premiereyear%),>\Season %ifseason%<%season%##,00>\%showname% - S%ifseason%<%season%##,00>E%episode%## - %episodename%

Interesting, thanks for the suggestion. I ended up spending some time on the weekend figuring out the custom commands options and went a different route but I can’t say I’m 100% confident things will work until I put some more items through it.

The script I made was done for other reasons, but I added some logic in there for the seasons.
I wanted to follow some suggestions I found around plex naming where for movies it adds the IMDB id to both the folder and showname, and for TV shows adds the tvdb show id to the parent folder, so while I was at it I added some logic to see if my season folder was named ‘Season’ and if so add the numbers, and then changed the show files to be S##E## instead of SE##.

If it doesn’t pan out I’ll try your suggestion for sure, and might just do it anyway, my script should ignore season if it’s already populated.