Incorrect season for Will & Grace reboot in TVDB/Plex

Not sure how to fix this. The Will & Grace reboot is showing up in the guide data as “Season 1”, but TVDB lists it as “Season 9”.

TVDB seriesid=71814 seasonid=716944

I have a general show conversion (source is HDHR DVR) to a Plex friendly name, e.g. title-S##E##-eptitle-airdate.

Is it as simple as adding the expert settings and checking the ‘use airdate’ box and putting 71814 in the TVDB field?

Or do I need to setup a special conversion task just for this show, using filename filtering and the expert settings override, and a separate one for ‘not matching’ this show for everything else?

Yes that is it. Make sure you enter the matching title name so that it only does it for that show title.

The problem is still there. The guide data is supplying “Season 1” so the filename and metadata are all indicating “season 1”, but IMDB and theTVDB both consider the reboot as “season 9”.

How can I rename/retarget the season identifier?
P.S. I learned how to manually edit the MKV metadata with MKVToolnix.
I used mkvextract (to extract the tags to an XML file), manually edit the file, and then use mkvpropedit to rebuild the MKV and replace the tags from the edited XML source. There is no GUI tags editor utility, but someone could build one on top of the CLIs.

You can create a custom NFO file and place it with the recoding with the same filename. MCEBuddy will overwrite the file metadata with the custom NFO metadata.

Curious if you figured something out on this? I have set up separate conversion tasks to help with matching a title against thetvdb, but I have been unsuccessful in getting season or episode numbers corrected to match Thetvdb. For those troublesome shows I record to a separate “manual” folder than my main Recordings folder so I can manually manipulate the file name to correct the season/episode before moving them to my main recording folder (where MCEBuddy watches).
Networks like The Travel Channel are horrible at naming their season/episodes and you’ll often find a show listed with completely different information (season/episode) if you look at different tv listing services (ie TV guide, vs dish, vs any other provider). You’d think these guys would care to keep all their information in sync, but they don’t. I’ve complained to several networks about the EPG data and how we aren’t recording their shows because they list an episode as an old one vs new…hence we are not watching their advertisements (I obviously don’t mention I cut out all commercials)…

I use MKV, so I’m working on hacking up a script to automate season or episode changes from the command line, e.g.:

chg-mkv-season-episode.bat [-S season] [-E episode] show.mkv

And it would use mkvextract/edit xml/mkvpropedit to fix it.

That could then be wrapped for automation or bulk processing after the fact or ad hoc.

I suspect this will be problematic with all of the series reboots going on. X-files, Will & Grace, Rosanne, Full House, Grinder, etc.