Adding season number offset for a specific series?

I’m having issues with the metadating naming for Whose Line is it Anyway (US).

SchedulesDirect treats the revival series and the original version as separate entities, giving the revival series season numbers that increment from 1.

TheTVDB treats them as the same series, and increments the season number for the revival series from 9.

The problem I’m having right now is that when Emby imports the transcoded files, it sees the season numbers from the revival series and checks those against TheTVDB, which pulls metadata from the original show as opposed to the revival.

Is there a way to set a season number offset for this one specific series so that it adds 9 to the season number so that it scrapes correctly?

No specifically, you can check out the metadata overwriting tools provided in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page.

Also try today’s 2.4.10 BETA build, we have made more enhancements to the metadata matching engine to handle revival series and see if that thelp.

I have the same issue with Will & Grace. The guide data (from both Tivo and HD Homerun recordings) is embedding Season 2 (of the reboot), but TVDB is referring to this as Season 11.

I need MCEBuddy to rewrite the embedded MP4/MKV metadata with the correct Season so that 1) the file placement and 2) the file name will also be correct.

e.g. Place the file here: D:\TV Shows\Will & Grace\Season 11
e.g. Name the file like this: Will & Grace-S11E09----.mkv

Plex ignores embedded metadata and goes off of the filename, but it takes some tweaking to force Plex to use TVDB for series and IMDB for for movies when it builds its guide data.

For that reason, I’m close to looking much closer at Emby, even though Plex has done some very cool things (the TLS/SSL by default is what gets my vote - genius).

Can you attach your conversion log so we can see what’s going on. I didn’t find a season 11 on TVDB

Apologies. My point is that TVDB has the reboot as a continuation of the existing series instead of a separate reboot like the guide data is reporting (and the HDHomerun DVR embeds in the MP4 (I have the tuner transcoding turned off).

I’ll grab the log for the next episode that airs.