Jeopardy Folders Naming Year Instead of Season

Hi, new to MCEBuddy. I used it to successfully rename about 900 .wtv files created in WMC for use in Emby. For the most part the resulting naming worked really well (in the past I have renamed stuff manually, so this was a huge timesaver!) One problem I ran into is I had about 400 Jeopardy episodes that ended up named and in folders Season 37, 38, 39, as well as Season 2021, 2022. According to TVDB, 2021 and 2022 are “aired” order whereas 37, 38, 39 are “official” or “DVD” order, and they overlap (Season 2021 contains parts of seasons 37 and 38).

Researching a little, some folks were able to set Emby to force one metadata format or the other. I tried this; however, it seems here that it is MCEBuddy that is either using only the WMC metadata,or using different formats from TVDB. TVDB indicates that aired or official can be selected at the api level.

Is there a setting / prolile setting in MCEBuddy to help here? Or any ideas on how to consolidate the Jeopardy episodes automatically into Season format?

Conversion logs go a long way in helping diagnose issues and understand the situation. Have you seen this topic?