Not clear for beginner users


  1. Sorry, but I find it hard to navigate your Support section. There are no instructions for use by newbies. I can’t find the Search function. How can I ask a question without creating a topic like this one?
  2. I use MceBuddy to convert from TS to MP4 and only the FAST version decreases the size of the files to about half. I cannot obtain files smaller than 1300Mb per hour of HD movie or 700Mb per hour of lower resolution movies. However, as I said halving the size of the files still helps me.
  3. My video recorder breaks longer movies in TS files of about 4Gb. How can I stick them back together after conversion to MP4 ?
    Thank you

Welcome to the community.

You can search by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon on the top of the page. This forum the best way to ask questions and look forward answers.

Here’s a guide to getting started with MCEBuddy. MCEBuddy - How to Get Started - User Guides

About file sizes it depends on a lot of things. Three things you can okay with

  1. Quality slider on the conversion task page - higher the quality, the larger the size and vice versa
  2. Profile - High quality profiles and slower but create higher quality and smaller files, fast profiles are fast but create larger and lower quality files.
  3. Codecs - MP4 (h.264) are good at compression, HEVC (h.265) are even better at compression without losing too much quality but are very slow to convert