Newest Intel Drivers 15.65 and i7-8700k QSV

Hi all, I’ve had some success recently with the newest Intel drivers and wanted to share!! After my last thread (my old i7 machine), I upgraded to an i7-8700k and a stock version of W10 and I have yet to be able to get QSV to run without an error. Bummer. Not even once out of hundreds of encodes would QSV kick off. Where my old i7 would start and bomb out anywhere from 20-98% completion this new Intel chip won’t even get going. QSV is enabled and MCEBuddy is detecting it correctly but I get an error:
–ERROR: encqsv: MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsync failed (-17)
That was with the drivers W10 installed ( Windows update shows no driver update available.
Yesterday I updated to the latest driver ( aka 15.65) since I had nothing to lose and the release notes say there’s been optimizations for the Intel Media SDK:
–Improved performance in video encoding for all codecs
–Optimized memory usage for HEVC encoding

So I gave it a shot and I know it’s only been 4 or 5 encodes since then but QSV is running flawless and thru completion (at a rate of 205 fps)!!

I could never get W10 to downgrade the Intel drivers to the versions suggested in the FAQ, so I’ll have to try this new version on my old PC too to see if things improve. Not sure it would as the updated drivers are really for the 6-8th gen Intel chips. Intel’s website isn’t very reliable as far as telling you which is the newest driver. I was on an older release driver 15.60 and that webpage said it was the latest release…which isn’t true since 15.65 is out.

Wondering if anyone having issues with their QSV/drivers and not being able to downgrade would mind trying the newest version?

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i7-8700K is not listed under compatible chip-sets for that driver version? but it is for the 630

I wonder if that’s an oversight on Intel’s part? If you search for the drivers for the 8700k it says 15.60 is the latest, or search for UHD 630 and it says 15.65 is correct. That must have been why I saw both 15.60 and 16.65 listed as “latest” version on their website.
I installed the Intel software on my pc (Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer) and it recommended 15.65 for the 630 so that’s what I installed.
Oh, I do see a thread on Intel’s website of people complaining that OpenCL support isn’t installed, or installed correctly with this latest version for some people…

Quick update…still 100% completions using QSV!!

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I decided to update my drivers also, no problems noticed here.

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Excellent I’ve updated the FAQ’s to include this driver version and provided links to it as well.