Network Drive - Files not showing up in Queue

Windows 10

Episodes on USB hard drive connected directly to Nvidia Shield & the Shields internal drive. I have both drives mapped in windows 10. Shield does require login and pass - both input into monitor locations (key icon). Conversion task destination left blank (so it places it back into the same directory. I can manually add files via add button and drag and drop. Monitoring is not working though. Log attached. Any help appreciated.

mcebuddy.log (100.5 KB)

Figured it out, I need to run it as a command line service.

Not sure I fully understood what it was saying here:

Is there any issue running it this way? I do have the drives mapped in windows and as far as I can tell the Shield only allows me to add one user to access its drives…

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MCEBuddy runs as a service. Think of this a system login.

You login through your own login. So when you map network drives it is only valid for apps that are running through your login.

Since MCEBuddy is running through a system login your mapped drives and credentials doesn’t exist in the system login session (you entered them in your own login session).

Hence for MCEBuddy to access network shares that have username names passwords you need to enter the username and password for each share separately on MCEBuddy. Where there is a path in MCEBuddy and you want to Use a network share use \\machine\share as the path and then enter the username and password when prompted.

Do not use your mapped drives (e.g. Z:) since they don’t exist outside your login session.

Perfect, thanks for your help. Its working per your directions :slight_smile:

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