Multiply Comskip INI's

I been using the default INI but want to use the custom ones I have paid comskip So I downloaded ABC , FOX, CBS AMC so do I just put them into one folder and have MCEBuddy see them and it automatically grabs which on it needs ? Or is it something different ?

You can specify which INI file to use in each conversion task. So you will be making a conversion task for each channel you want by using the filters and then in the conversion task expert settings you’ll be assigning the INI file to use.

I was afraid of that :frowning: Doing that is way out of my league :frowning:

It’s not that hard. Just takes a little time about 5 minutes for each task setup.

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Is there a how to video ?

No but please feel free to make one and we’ll be happy to post/make a sticky of it.

Well since I do not have the skill to make conversion task for each channel with different ini’s it will never happen from me :frowning: