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I just found out about this product (and I love it so far) and I know this may be a newbie question, but I’m wanting to put the files, once they are done, in multiple folders (my workstation and a media server) and was wondering if I just need to make a new conversion task or is there a place I am missing? The shows are recording on my workstation and converting on the workstation (more horsepower for converting) but are served off my media server. What I am wanting to do is use my workstation as a backup and my media server as the main server. So I want to convert the shows on my workstation and put them in a backup folder (on my workstation) and copy them also to my media server’s tv show folder…

Thanks in advance, and sorry for newb questions…

Each conversion task can only put the file into a single destination folder.

You can create a secondary monitor task to monitor your converted destination folder (make sure you check the remonitor converted files option in the expert settings) and then a secondary conversion task with the rename only option selected and a custom rename pattern to just move the file to a different location (make sure you link the secondary monitor task to the secondary conversion task in the expert settings)

The other way would be write a post custom command where you can run a batch script to copy the converted file to a location of your choice. See the advanced commands post for details on custom commands.

So that I understand… looking at kind of doing the same thing… I want to monitor multiple directories, and have a conversion task for each of those directories. I would like to output those tasks to their own directories as well. Is this possible ? Currently I have two machines doing the conversions and want to add a 3rd conversion but dont want to add another machine (unless I visualize the environment).


Can you give an example. I didn’t quite understand.

Do you want the conversion task to save the converted file back in the original directory? If so then leave the destination folder blank.

What I actually have are multiple sources, some from HDHomeRun Tuner, and Some from Tivo, etc… Adding a 3rd source shortly from an associate who gathers as well. The issue is that I may have the same show/episode coming from both sources. As an example, The HD Homerun source material will be saved in a different directory (network shared folder ) than the Tivo source material. I want to make sure that the converted sources go to different destination directories. They will wind up having the same names at times an may overwrite each other. Write now I have 2 machines, one monitoring one source, while the other monitors the other. Each machine saves the material to the appropriate directory. I dont want to add a 3rd machine, and would like to consolidate the 2 machines into 1.

Hope that helps…

Thanks !

Sorry, didnt pay attention to leaving the destination folder blank. That may work but is it possible to have a specific conversion task assigned to a specific directory ? The files being stored in one source directory are different than files in the others. Some coming in as 1080, while the other at 720, etc… I want to keep the resolution of the output the same. I am just changing the data rate, etc… If what i gather from your earlier response, if I set the destination blank, the converted file will go back to the source directory.

Each conversion task has one and only output directory that you can configure. There is a special exception as @RBoy mentioned, if the conversion task directory is left blank, the output is back to the original directory.

You can create a monitor task for each directory your tuner is putting the files into and then create a conversion task for each monitor task and link them together in the conversion task expert settings. This way you have a 1-1 mapping between your original directory and the output directory

As for the resolution, you can limit the maximum resolution in the conversion task settings. Pick the lowest resolution (MCEBuddy doesn’t upscale) and set that resolution for all your conversion tasks.

Thanks… It makes sense, but I didn’t see how to ‘link’ the conversion task to the actual monitor task as all the monitor tasks are listed at the same time as the conversion tasks. Is there a specific way to link them ?

Must have missed that. Works like a charm.

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