Move Scheduling to the Task level

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MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit):
2.4.9 64bit

Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit):
Windows 10

Summary of the problem or suggestion:
Move scheduling capabilities to the task level.

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It would be useful to allow start/stop scheduling at the task level. There may be some tasks that should only run at night while others could run 24 hours. This would help with load distribution.


I have just changed my setup, as sometimes it can be hours before some recordings appear in Plex after waiting for conversion to MP4 from TS.

My Samsung TV does not play nicely with TS files as recorded, so I would like to convert to unprocessed MKV initially so that it is available almost immediately, but then overnight be converted to an MP4 to reduce storage.

It would be useful to have the MKV to run immediately and the MP4 to run at a set time overnight.

Features are prioritized based on votes. Here a neat way to do what you want in the mean time. It’s called “Daisy Chaining” conversions.

Basically you setup one monitor task which feeds into the first conversion task (MKV Unprocessed), then you setup a second monitor task which monitors the output of the first conversion task, but with a delay, which then feeds into a second conversion task (MP4).

Here are some screenshots for a step by step working tutorial on setting up a daisy chain (using the latest 2.4.9 build).

Step 1: Setup a Monitor Location which monitors your Plex TS files (assuming they are located in c:\temp\RecordedFiles:

Step 2: Setup a Conversion Task which converts your TS file to MKVUnprocessed files. Set the destination to c:\tempMKVUnprocessed. You will want to remove commercials on this one (so it's set to Comskip or whatever you use). Also don't forget to select theMonitor locations` box and select your the Monitor Location you created in Step 1:

Step 3: Setup a second Monitor Location which monitors the output of your first Conversion task c:\temp\MKVUnprocessed. Also open the Expert Settings page on your Monitor Location and set the time delay, Minimum age before processing, to whatever you want (e.g. you want a 6 or 12 hour delay before the MKV’s are converted). Also don’t forget to check the Monitor converted videos. This is important since by default MCEBuddy won’t reconvert already converted files, this is to tell MCEBuddy that you specifically want to reconvert the already converted file.

Step 4: Now create a second conversion task which will convert your MKV to MP4. This time you need to select the Monitor location that was created in Step 3. You also don’t want to run ad detection again since it was already done in Step 2, so set it to None.

When it’s done it finally looks like:

This is called Daisy Chaining and now you have two tasks which are feeding from one into the other and delayed a period of time.

Another way to do it would be just create 2 separate Monitor Location (both monitoring the original TS files), except one Monitor Location has a delay set of 6 or 12 hours. Now create 2 Conversion tasks, each linked to one of the Monitor Locations, the first one converting to MKV Unprocessed and the second one converting to MP4 (which is linked to the Monitor Location with a delay in it).

You can get creative in the number of ways you would like to do this.