CLI to only refresh metadata

I think I can setup a conversion task to do this. However, I only want to force this conversion task via CLI.
My setup is to monitor DVR directories and then process via a series of conversion tasks based on show type and HD/SD with custom renaming to move them to Plex folders (e.g. /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 01/Show-S01E01-Episode-airdate). It goes down the list using first-one-wins, so this task would naturally be at the end. I also have multiple monitored directories that go through this chain of conversion tasks, so I can’t tie these tasks to a specific monitored location profile (unless tasks can be tied to multiple profiles?). It starts getting clunky if I have to duplicate the chain of tasks and individually tie each task in the chain to one of the profiles.

Profile1 (HDHR-DVR)
Profile2 (TiVo)

Task09-MKV-Metadata-Only <-- New profile

The tasks use different compression based on the recording channel and based on the type of show, send it to different output library locations (with different naming conventions for each library type).

What I want to do is to reprocess the already processed media through MCEBuddy to add the show metadata to the file. I do not want to change the video or audio streams nor the container (MKV).

If I put the new task at the bottom of the list, so it doesn’t fire when processing a normal conversion from a DVR recording, I also need to bypass those when I want to do these metadata refresh tasks.

Is there a way to do this from the CLI and apply a specific conversion task to a specific file? I would also have to specify the destination directory, since the source is the already correctly placed location for Plex from when MCEBuddy originally processed the file.

The end goal is to wrap it up in a batch and refresh the metadata for an episode, a season, a show, or the whole library, all in one command to launch the batch job.

Yes, it’ll take some creativity and planning but it can be done. See the topic below on how to daisy chain tasks (i.e. the output of one conversion task feeds into the input for a monitor task and then into another conversion task).

You can use the Monitor Task filters to limit the daisy chained conversion task to only accept files from the CLI input.