Converting Propers

My setup uses Sonarr to manage shows.

MCEBuddy watches the folder where Sonarr has put the renamed files. It converts all MKVs to MP4.

The problem for me occurs when Sonarr downloads a proper and updates the folder – deleting my previously converted file. MCEBuddy sees the new file, the proper, and ignores it because its already done its work for that episode.

Because I use .plexignore to skip adding MKVs, the episode goes missing in my library.

I’ve seen the “Monitor converted videos” and “Re-monitor recorded videos” checkboxes, but the fact that they’re in that ominous-looking red text scares me. :slight_smile:

Has anyone solved a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated.


These are for advanced users, by default MCEBuddy doesn’t convert video it has already processed (based on filenames). For some users their recording software generates the same filename over and over again for some recordings, so this setting allows them (in conjunction with delete original) to convert the new recordings with the same filename. Similarly for converted videos, its’ used by advanced users to daisy chain the conversions. See this post for an explanation:

The reason they are in red is because they can cause your setup to go into endless loop of conversions because it bypasses some typical safety checks. So if you’re going to enable them double check that you don’t have any closed loops in your setup.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

I just needed to check the “Re-monitor…” checkbox, because I’m monitoring MKVs and AVIs, while producing MP4s.

I archive the MKVs in a directory outside of the monitored space, rather than delete them. Is there some reason that it’s safer when they’re deleted, rather than archived?