Move MP4 without conversion or Comskip

I would like to move Tablo PBS (public broadcasting system) shows to my output directory without conversion and/or Comskip. I have the Tablo Ripper adding the channel to the file name.

I use Tablo Ripper to convert the Tablo files to MP4 and store the files in D:\Tablo then I would like to do an IF statement:

If the file name in D:\Tablo contains ch4.1 or ch4.2 or ch4.3 or ch4.4 then
Copy the file to D:\Tablo_No_Commericals
Delete the file from D:\Tablo
Run Comskip on the file and store the resulting file in D:\Tablo_No_Commericals
Delete the file from D:\Tablo
End If

Any Ideas on how to do this would be welcome.

Thanks CraigM

Here is one way to do it:

  1. Setup your Monitor Location to monitor your Tablo folder
  2. Setup the first conversion task.
    • Set the filename filter to ch4* this will process all files sent by the Monitor location with the name ch4 in them
    • Set the destination folder to Tablo no commercials
    • Set Commercial removal to none
    • Enable the option for Rename only without conversion in the renaming section.
  3. Setup the second conversion task
    • Set the filename filter to ~ch4* this will process all files sent by the Monitor location without the name ch4 in it
    • Set your destination folder to Tablo no commercials
    • Set commercial removal to Comskip

RBoy - I think I have this going. I followed your instructions with two minor changes.

I changed ch4* to ch4 and ~ch4* to ~ch4 This is to provide for the file name having the channel at the end or mid-string of the name.

It just seems very slow, MCE Buddy takes about 5.5 seconds to create a copy of the file in its working0 directory. Then is seems to make several passes over that file before putting a final copy in the no_commercials output directory. It seems to be creating a ts file from an mp4 file.

I did set the Ad Remover option to None and I have only “Rename without converting” checked.

So I am a little confused as to why any temporary files are created and what the passes through the files are for?

I do believe the second task is passing over files with ch4 in the name. I had one file in the source directory with ch4 in the name and MCE Buddy did not process it. It never showed up in MCE Buddy even after a Rescan. Why it did not show up I can’t figure out. It seems to me that it should be read and processed every time a Rescan occurs until it is processed and moved.

I will watch the process and gather more details.

Thanks, CraigM

That’s because you removed the * from the filename filter. It’s a simple pattern match without the * it looks for an exact match.

See the post on Conversion overview to understand how MCEBuddy works.

I created a solution using Tablo Ripper that sorts MP4’s based on file names. It uses a “post Processing” cmd to decide which files go where which determines which files MCEBuddy processes.

The solution is here:

Since it moves files to different folders based on the channel included in the file name it is fast and efficient if you do not want to process one or more channels.

Thanks for all of your suggestions.


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