Send Comskipped files back to the Tablo for playing

I have Tablo Ripper and MCE Buddy playing nicely together.

I would like to send the files, less commercials, back to my Tablo in a format that I can access through the Tablo.

I am at a loss how to make that happen. The easy answer is to run a media server on a pc and access the files from there using the Roku Media Player. That just sounds like a work around.

We should be able to take the MCE Buddy produced files, convert them to a Tablo format, and send them back to the Tablo. It just seems easier and cleaner to leave the media server out and automate the whole process.

My work flow looks like this:

  1. Tablo Ripper pulls the files from my Tablo and converts them to MP4 format on my local hard disk.
  2. MCE Buddy processes the MP4 files removing the commercials and puts them into a separate directory.
  3. This is where I want to convert the MP4 files into Tablo format and copy them back to the Tablo.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, CraigM