File Name Match string length limit of 89 characters including spaces

MCEBuddy 2.4,
64 Bit
Windows 7

The “File name match” only looks at the first 89 characters of the file name. If any portion of the channel (ch4) appears after that no match will take place.

Example: ch4.mp4 will not work with: In the Americas With David Yetman - s05e03 - Mexico City’s Markets A Millennium of T - ch4.3.mp4

If you remove any character before “ch4”, the File name match ch4.mp4 will work and process the file.

Can you share the exact pattern match you’re using.

I am using two matches:

  1. *ch4*.*
    Selects all channels that being with ch4 these are my PBS channels. I use MCEBuddy to trim time from both the beginning and end of these files without Comskip.

I run some post post-processing commands in Tablo Ripper to put the PBS shows in my directory: D:\Tablo with Commercials\PBS. Here is the link to that solution:Solved - Tablo Ripper move or store MP4 file in directory based on channel - Third Party Apps (Plex, Rippers etc.) - TabloTV Community

  1. ~*ch4*.*
    Selects all channels that are not PBS channels. I use MCEBuddy to run Comskip against these files.


I’m unable to replicate this issue, the filename and filter you provided have worked exactly as expected, in the first filter it’s accepting the file, the second filter is rejecting the file.

You’ll have to attach your conversion log to see what’s going on. It maybe to do with something else.