Memory size calculation causing error when using ram disk

I have 12 gig of memory in my system, I have 8 gig allocated to Ram Disk. I primarily used it for 30 min programs or when I convert MP4 files. Was trying to convert walking dead and it errors out for insufficient disk space. I have" do not copy original file" enable.
Network Affiliate: Total active conversions file sizes -> 2.6267360051473 GB
2020-03-02T12:55:38 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Required free space -> 7.880208 GB

ERROR> 2020-03-02T12:55:38 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Insufficient temp working disk space avalable in R:\mp4\working0. 7833235456 available, required 8461308996
ERROR> 2020-03-02T12:55:38
This remains same amount whether its true or false. The approximate amount I see by watching the working directory and pausing Buddy is 5.5 to 6.5 gig.
Also noted that there is a difference in require 7.9 gig and required error 8.4 gig.

Can someone verify they see the same problem. Would like to use my Ram drive its much faster.

Check it again, it’s the same, one is in GB and the other one is in bytes. 1024 bytes make 1 MB and 1024MB make 1 GB. You’re rounding it off using a 1,000,000 instead of using 1,048,576

The amount of space MCEBuddy checks for is determined by the number of concurrent conversions you’ve defined. Reduce that number if you want to use less space.

Or you can turn off the free space check (which is not recommended as you may have unexpected issues if it runs of space while converting).

Using a RAM disc as a temp space for video conversion is a waste of memory. The read/write speeds that this process requires are slow enough that even a 5400rpm HDD can be used safely. The bottleneck is not there, the HDD will “wait” for the actual conversion bits to be generated.
Also, leaving only 4GB for your system and application is not a good idea, you might be running out of real memory and stating to swapping to disc.

Use two separate HDD if you are doing the conversion “on-the-fly”, one with originals another with the conversion results. In this way you will write continuous video files, minimizing fragmentation.