MCEBuddy Release Cadence and License Change

With the shift to the new semi-subscription model should there be an expectation that there will be a more regular release schedule with new/improved features? The reason I ask is that the last time we saw more than one release in a calendar year was 2020, and we were closing in on a year and a half between 2.5.7 and when 2.6.1 was released yesterday. I’m sure there are folks that won’t be pleased with the shift from a perpetual license model to one that requires a subscription (or at least a login, seemingly), but if there’s going to be greater value gleaned from it then that’s better for everyone. I’m sure it goes without saying that the alternative of paying for a release with a year of updates, then no updates come in that year isn’t a change that would build a ton of good will.

Additionally, I feel like the announcement of the license change could have been handled better. I, like a few other commenters assumed that I must have missed that verbiage on the 2.5.7 announcement post; I always read the notes, and I feel like I would have noticed for as long as it’s been up. In consulting the way back machine as well as the cached Google page it seems that the post was updated at some point… and the time stamp to reflect it’s text was maintained as April 2022. I fully respect the right to change the license terms for future releases, but changing the text on the 2.5.7 release feels a little duplicitous, like it was announced well in advance and we just didn’t see it. It probably would have been better to make that announcement on a separate post, or in the 2.6.1 release.

To be perfectly clear, I LOVE MCEBuddy, and have sung it’s praises to anyone who still rolls their own MCE-like DVR, even though we’re certainly a dying breed. I can’t figure out when I first chipped in for the project but the earliest email I can find is 2014, so probably somewhere in that period, and even then it was probably only $20, so the value over the years can’t be understated. I couldn’t ask for a more stable app, and the automation that it offers is second to none. I fully recognize nobody works for free, and apps like this are no different, so hopefully it works out for everyone :+1:


Well stated. I too thought that I had missed something, and it took me over an hour of searching and re-reading the developer’s webpage to figure out what was happening. I detest "subscription model software " but also know why programmers desire a steady income stream. I absolutely love lifetime memberships and proudly own lifetime “subscriptions” to PLEX, emby, and PlayOn media server platforms.

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Thank you for your feedback, I understand your frustration and apologize for the lack of clear communication as we roll out these changes; this was not a decision we took lightly. We absolutely appreciate all the support our users have shown us, however, after over 10 years and many many releases we have had to adapt our model to continue providing support and developing apps. Releases 2.6.x and newer will be covered under a different support license and may evolve down the line as we continue to introduce new features and products. We do plan to make releases more often with more features.

For the purpose of clarification, we are not restricting usage of the legacy unlimited versions. The, now renamed, legacy license still allows you to install and use the legacy releases (up to 2.5.7 and any future 2.5.x updates) for life.

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FYI - PlayOn is now stopping the lifetime with Windows 10 and does not support Windows 11, so they are changing the way they do things now too…