MCEBuddy adding date to end of converted files...why?

I’m not sure what I’ve done or changed but my finished files now have the original air date added to the end of the file name. The only difference is I now convert my WTV files to TS files for editing before I compress them and the resulting TS files have the air date added…which I strip off when I rename them after editing…but it is added on again after being processed by MCEBuddy into MKV files.

I don’t like or want this so I am interested in finding out how to make it stop.

Thank you

In your conversion task, under advanced, there’s a section called “renaming and sorting” - what is that set to? The tooltips are pretty descriptive on terms of describing the format you’ll need to get the desired output.

Good luck! Will.

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They are set to whatever is default. This is getting annoying and costing me a lot of extra time to have to rename every singe file MCEBuddy produces. I do not want the date encoced added to the filename…there should be some way to turn this off but I don’t know how.

I tried just turning off renaming and that results in files not having the date encoded appended to the end of the filename…but now the files are not put in their own folders…which results in just as much work to correct.

Is there a solution to this issue? It’s driving me crazy

If the metadata is missing for some files the “default” will replace them with dates and folder may not be created if the metadata required for the folders is not available in the source file.

If you don’t want that then use a custom renaming pattern and create your own folder structure like @Will_Tschumy suggested above.

Does the metadata come from the channels I record these movies from or is it downloaded within MCEBuddy…if it’s downloaded by MCEBuddy that may be the problem. I rename my files after I edit them before processing in a way to tell me what channel the movies was recorded from so a movie recorded from Turner Classic Movies would be named as such:

From Here to Eternity TCMHD.mkv

The reason for this not all HD channels are created equal and some channels have much better transfers and broadcast at a higher resolution and to catalog this information for quick identification I put the movies in folders as such:

From Here to Eternity [TCMHD]

This way by simply scrolling to the bottom of the file information page on Emby I can identify which channel I recorded a movie.

If I don’t rename the files this way I have to keep a list on paper and that just doesn’t work.

I wish I understood the renaming conventions in Emby good enough to set it up to do exactly what I want which is to take the filename as stated earlier, delete the channel info from the end and then create the folder structure I like with the channel in brackets.

Is there an easy way to do this?

It’s a combination, it starts with the metadata in the file/filename and then tries to supplement with over the internet to fill in the gaps where possible. This topic explains how it works:

OK, that is probably the problem then due to the way I name my files…is there a way to get MCEBuddy to rename my files and folders as described above?

Use custom file renaming, virtually limitless options: MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

Unfortunately there is nothing in there that can accomplish things the way I like them so…in a future release can you provide an option to disable adding the conversion date to the filename? It is really annoying to have to rename every single file and folder constantly when the conversion date is irrelevant and unnecessary information, especially when the date the folder and file are created give the same info if needed.

You can always recreate the exact same naming pattern using the custom renaming options (infact the stock renaming pattern is actually just a renaming pattern template). The only difference is that if the metadata is missing in your file, then MCEBuddy replaces the missing elements with the date to maintain a unique filename (otherwise all files may end up with the same name).

So you can can totally create your own naming pattern to match the exact same pattern and not have it fall back to the date if the information is missing.

Here’s a simple example and there are more provided on the link above:

%showname%\Season %season%##\%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename%

You can test your pattern in the Converstion task settings page where you enter the custom renaming pattern and see how it will turn out.

My issue is I cannot see how to keep the folder name the way I want. Like I said above I name my movies as follows:

From Here to Eternity [TCMHD].mkv

So I know what channel I recorded them from. I want the folder name exactly as above, without the file extension of course, but I do not know how to preserve it. I would also like to strip the “[TCMHD]” from the filename but I don’t know how to do that. When I input my files as above with the brackets it strips that off of the folder name, if I take out the brackets it leaves the channel name in the folder and the filename. Either way I get the date added.