Dates Showing up in Show Name

I’m sure i’m missing something simple, but for some reason kids shows that air on Sprout are not converting properly. I’ve got the following: Title\Season 01\Original Filename For some reason i’m getting the Title and the original air date. Which then puts each episode in a folder (I assume it’s thinking each episode is a different show title since the date is different). Is there a way to make sure the date gets removed from the show title upon conversion?

MCEBuddy pulls the information from your recording metadata. Check your log files to see what metadata is saved in your recording.
If you want to remove dates from your titles assuming it’s coming as part of your recording metadata, you can use the Metadata Correction box in the Expert Settings and use a Regex to remove dates from the Titles.

So i’m recording items in Emby. The original recording has the name of the show and the date in the filename, but it is in a folder that matches the show name. Once MCEBuddy converts it the folder it creates has the showname and the date. I dont have any of the metadata boxes checked so i’m testing that right now to see if that helps.

Once my current test finalizes i’ll look for the REGEX setting; i’m not familiar with this so if you have any other insight it would be appreciated.