MCEbuddy 2.4.7 starts but stops after a few minutes

MCEbuddy team,

I recently upgraded to 2.4.7 after using 2.4.6 for a couple of months. 2.4.6 showed no real signs of issues but 2.4.7 has a problem where the MCEbuddy service will terminate itself. I haven’t found much to indicate why it’s happening but i do see in my event logs which shows up directly after an unexpected termination of MCEbuddy:

App Container profile failed with error 0x800700B7 because it was unable to register the AppContainer SID.

I have also attached my mcebuddy.log for review. Should you need more info, please let me know. Thank you.mcebuddy.log (1012.9 KB)

To have either a corrupted installation or a corrupted disk where your video file resides. Try a clean install (see documentation on how to do a clean install) or try a different video file or move your video file to new disk (not folder but physical disk)