Make output folder same as input folder

Just started looking into commercial skip via mcebuddy and already have a semantics issue. All my recordings are made by one of 2 programs. Either playon or wintv8. They are stored in a structure as follows:
Live Tv
Show 1
Show 2
Show 3

All shows with the same name are stored in the same folder… All episodes recorded off livetv of that show in the future would also go in that same folder. In the case of the playon folder it would be the same other then it further differentiates based on the season.

What I want to do is only monitor theroot level for changes. So monitor the MEDIA level and any files that change under media would be converted, renamed and then put back in the same location they came from.

Is this possible to do? A dynamic output directory so to speak (perhaps use some kind of temporary variable for output folder location)?

In more detail if the change was detected in media/playon/show2/season3 it would pull the file named xzy… start a convert process on it… and then save the file back to its original location with xyz(converted) as a filename for example. So save the converted file xyz(converted) back to media/playon/show2/season3. The catch is I never know which file(s) will change and when so it has to dynamically take the file location and be able to somehow spit back the location to the output directly using a temporary variable or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am unable to simplify the file structure as I still need playon to be able to playback the files as well as plex thus the structure cannot be changed.

Remember you can rest the mouse over any option in MCEBuddy to get instant pop up help.

If you want the converted file to go back to the original directory then leave the destination folder blank. (See pop up help)

To use the original file name, enable custom renaming in the conversion task and use the %originalfilename% parameter

See advance commands for a list of all options available.

If you don’t want to recode and keep the original video and just remove commercials select any of the unprocessed profiles.