Last few days not getting filed correctly

Anyone else having trouble with 2.4.9 ? My TV shows are not getting identified for for the correct season. Looks like this in the folder “The Goldbergs_WHTMH_2018_05_16_20_00_06” or is this just a glitch on HDhomerun ?

Can you attach your conversion log, it’ll show metadata is being extracted from HDHR

Thank You its in the Rickt1962 folder on the MCEbuddy server

You’re running Windows Server 2008(?), and you’re processing WTV files. Windows Server doesn’t have the required filters to extract the metadata from your WTV recording:

WARNING> 2018-05-16T22:10:43 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Unable to extract meta data using filters. Filters may not be present [eg. Windows Server/XP/Vista].

See this topic:

Windows server 2008 ? Im confused My machine is Windows 7 pro

That’s odd, in that case for some reason you don’t have the necessary filters installed to read WTV files.
Maybe you’re missing an add on pack. Try rebooting your computer and check out the above topic on how install the missing filters. Basically windows is unable to read your WTV files because it’s missing some required filters (files)

If it was working earlier and stopped, then something deleted those files/filters or deregistered with from windows preventing windows from using it. You may need to refresh/reinstall windows worst case to get those filters back and registered if the above above workaround doesn’t work.

Well before the reboot I checked to see if MCEBuddy was scanning any shows and nothing was going on. So I rebooted and MCEbuddy started and here it was scanning 2 TV shows and 1 waiting to be scanned ! So MCEbuddy is glitching some how

99.9% of the time it’s windows or network issues. Are you using a NAS or network drive? Check your mcebuddy.log to see what was going on. It probably couldn’t access the files so it just waiting until windows was able to provide access it.

The TV shows are recorded on my main drive on Windows than sent to my NAS drive. I checked on all drives before rebooting and they were all working fine. Ive seen this many times before with MCE